Breakfast In Redding At Brick’s Smokehouse BBQ & Grill

Brick's Smokehouse BBQ & GrillDid you know Brick’s Smokehouse BBQ & Grill serves breakfast in Redding?

As many of us enjoy going out for brunch or breakfast in Redding on Sundays, I wanted to take my little one out for her favorite, chocolate chip pancakes. We planned to meet up with my brother and his kids at Denny’s, but as we all have the same idea, many breakfast places in Redding were busy and Denny’s was no exception.

Since Denny’s had quite a long wait, my brother suggested we have breakfast at Brick’s.  I didn’t even know they served breakfast, but  I’m glad I know now.  The food was not only generous portions but made just the way I wanted.  Sharing one order on the breakfast menu was plenty enough for two.

Brick's Kid's Breakfast in ReddingHere’s a look at the kid’s breakfast (the one with the huge pancake); I could have shared that breakfast with my daughter!  I chose to order hot links with spicy barbecue sauce.  The hotter the better!!   Brick's Breakfast in Redding

Our server was prompt in taking our order, made sure our coffees were filled and checked on us to see if there was anything we needed.

Brick’s is one place that shouldn’t be overlooked for breakfast in Redding.  There’s no long wait (at least not yet), great breakfast, and good service.  The menu prices are reasonable, just $3.99 for kid’s breakfast and breakfast menu items under $10.  Now that’s what I’m talking about :)

I’m looking forward to having barbecue next time I visit, I’m sure it’ll be just as good as breakfast.

Brick’s Smokehouse BBQ and Grill is located off Eureka Way in West Redding.

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