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Famous Dave’s Redding Reviewed

Famous Dave's ReddingFamous Dave’s Bar-B-Que Redding is now serving customers.

If you haven’t been to a Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que, Redding now has this famous chain barbecue restaurant.

Famous Dave’s opened it’s first restaurant in 1994 in the town of Hayward, Wisconsin. Today, there are several chain restaurants throughout the United States. So it is a privilege to have this famous restaurant in our town of Redding.

I recently visited Famous Dave’s Redding for lunch with a girlfriend and her young daughter. Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que has a family orientated atmosphere, is child friendly and has a separate bar area where food is also served. It can be quite loud, but that’s what makes this a family type restaurant.

Famous Dave's Lunch Plate

Our server, Bailey, was quick to greet us and very friendly. The lunch prices are about $10+ and is the same menu as dinner, but just smaller portions. Take a look at our lunch plates! I can only imagine what our dinner plates would be. Our server started with a barbecue sauce presentation accompanied with their homemade chips. She described each of the sauces as she spelled Dave’s on a plate. My favorite sauces were the Georgia Mustard and for something spicy, Devil’s Spit. And if you want something even hotter, as I like it, ask for Wilbur’s Revenge. It’s not on the table as the rest of the sauces are.

We both had the two item lunch plates; I had the chopped pork and our server suggested the beef, so I went with that. The meats were tender and not dry, thank goodness! The lunch plate is served with their homemade cornbread and a side. Let me tell you, the cornbread was way yummy!

Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que Lunch Item

So if you haven’t visited a Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que, now is your chance.  Go check them out. Although they were busy during lunch, there was no long wait for our food.  They’ve got it together at this restaurant, no wonder their “famous”.  Great service, good barbecue, variety of sauces, and yummy cornbread!


Sushi Restaurants in Redding – Yama Sushi Is One Of The Favorites!

Which one of the several Sushi Restaurants in Redding do you visit?

Yama Sushi Boat

There are several Sushi Restaurants in Redding, but there are a couple  I prefer over the others.  One of the Sushi Restaurants in Redding I enjoy visiting is Yama Sushi, located in the Raley’s Shopping Center off Hartnell Avenue.

What makes Yama Sushi different from other Sushi Restaurants in Redding is their unique niche.  Yama Sushi has these “floating boats” that go around the sushi bar with several sushi items and non-sushi items on a plate to choose from.  This unique style is less intimidating for customers not too familiar with ordering sushi.  The “floating boats” display several different variations and combinations of sushi as well as other Japanese foods items.  Note:  For those who don’t eat sushi, not all sushi is raw fish; there is crab, shrimp, smoked salmon, and other fish that are cooked.


Breakfast In Redding At Brick’s Smokehouse BBQ & Grill

Brick's Smokehouse BBQ & GrillDid you know Brick’s Smokehouse BBQ & Grill serves breakfast in Redding?

As many of us enjoy going out for brunch or breakfast in Redding on Sundays, I wanted to take my little one out for her favorite, chocolate chip pancakes. We planned to meet up with my brother and his kids at Denny’s, but as we all have the same idea, many breakfast places in Redding were busy and Denny’s was no exception.

Since Denny’s had quite a long wait, my brother suggested we have breakfast at Brick’s.  I didn’t even know they served breakfast, but  I’m glad I know now.  The food was not only generous portions but made just the way I wanted.  Sharing one order on the breakfast menu was plenty enough for two.


Have You Met M&M From Moseley Family Cellars?

It took us several tries, but my husband and I finally got to meet “M&M”.  So who am I talking about? Marty and Mimi Moseley, the owners of Moseley Family Cellars.  They opened up a wine tasting room in the downtown Redding area last year. Referring to them as “M&M” was my easy way of remembering their names.

My husband and I had noticed Moseley Family Cellars wine tasting room several months back and being that we both enjoy discovering new wines we were looking forward to visiting on one of our date nights.  We’ve made several attempts to visit the wine tasting room, but we could never make it during the hours Moseley Family Cellars would be opened.  The hours were from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, since then I believe the hours have changed to 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm according to their website. We would either be in downtown Redding for lunch (what, no wine tasting during lunch?) or make our way over after dinner.


View 202 Restaurant Now Open For Business – Redding

View 202 Restaurant

View 202 Back Patio Overlooking Sacramento River

View 202 Restaurant in Redding is now open for business.

The much anticipated View 202 riverfront restaurant, formerly the Rivers Restaurant, has recently opened its doors. Another restaurant owned by Joe Wong, who also owns, Applebee’s, Burger King, Marie Calendar’s, and Logan’s Roadhouse in Redding.

Me and a girlfriend met up for lunch yesterday at View 202. Since I haven’t been there yet, I definitely wanted to check it out. One thing about me is that I like checking out new places to dine, obviously that’s why I write about it.


Market Street Steakhouse Review – Redding

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Looking for a place to go on your next date night or perhaps meet up with friends for dinner and drinks?  Market Street Steakhouse in Downtown Redding has been one of the favorite places to go for date night.  The Ribeye Steak and Seared Ahi is always a must to order along with a nice bottle of red wine.  The Chef has always been consistent with our order and prepares the food just right.  We’ve never been disappointed, so if you’re looking for a good steak house, this is the place!

We’ve come in on a weekend, even on a Thursday and there would end up being a long wait, so reservations are definitely recommended toward the latter part of the week.  The staff are always friendly and some of them have gotten to know what we usually like to order from our meals to the type of wine we enjoy.