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Get Put Back Together With Massage Relief In Redding

That’s what I call it, getting “put back together”, when going to get a massage.  I carry a lot of my stress in my neck and shoulders so for me, getting a massage is more for therapy to help relieve muscle tension.

I’ve been to several places for a massage  in Redding with no luck finding the one who could “put me back together”, the massages were just ok.  It was more of the “feel good” kind of massage rather than the “put your back into” kind of massage which I prefer.  I’ve even been to a massage place where it felt like it was one of those “happy ending” places, yikes!  Sorry guys, I’m not naming the place of business ;) .


Peter Lopez Salon In Redding

Looking for a great Hair Stylist in the Redding Area?

If you haven’t yet heard about Peter Lopez Salon, let me tell you….Peter Lopez is absolutely fantastic! Peter Lopez Salon is located on the Westside of Redding, off Eureka Way, inside Bellissima Day Spa.

I’ve been in Redding since 1999 and I no longer have to go back to my hometown of Fairfield to get a hair cut. I would literally go for months without even getting a trim and then finally give in when I couldn’t stand my hair any more :( . For the record, I did try different hair stylists in Redding, but just never really found one I really wanted to come back to, and if I did find someone pretty good, they were no longer at the salon.