Get Put Back Together With Massage Relief In Redding

That’s what I call it, getting “put back together”, when going to get a massage.  I carry a lot of my stress in my neck and shoulders so for me, getting a massage is more for therapy to help relieve muscle tension.

I’ve been to several places for a massage  in Redding with no luck finding the one who could “put me back together”, the massages were just ok.  It was more of the “feel good” kind of massage rather than the “put your back into” kind of massage which I prefer.  I’ve even been to a massage place where it felt like it was one of those “happy ending” places, yikes!  Sorry guys, I’m not naming the place of business ;) .

There have been times where I’ve come out of a massage only to feel what a waste of an hour, money and I didn’t feel any better than when I first walked through the door.

A few things I’ve learned:

  1. Always tell them how much pressure you want (I often do, but they must think I can’t take or they’ll break me).
  2. They should always ask you if you prefer a male or female therapist when making an appointment, unless of course you ask for a specific massage therapist.
  3. If you have troubled areas, tell them to concentrate more on that area and maybe not as much time on other areas.  Shoot, you’re paying for it!
  4. And finally, get a therapist who’s seasoned.  I’m not saying there aren’t any good newly licensed ones, but I have yet to experience one.

While searching for massages in Redding, Jennifer, a massage therapist from Shear Heaven Salon & Day Spa was found via Yelp with good reviews from other customers.

My first visit with Jennifer, I came out feeling like that was one of the best massages ever!  She is well knowledgable in her technique, knows how to spot muscle tension, and discover areas you didn’t even know were painful.  She spends her time working the troubled spots until they almost disappear.  Jennifer communicates with you to make sure enough pressure is applied and asks if there are areas that need special attention.

So if you need to be “put back together” or have been looking to get a massage in Redding, make an appointment with Jennifer.  You won’t be disappointed.  Shear Heaven massage prices are within the same around the Redding area and Jennifer will sometimes have specials, so be sure to ask about them.  Also, feel free to let her know you heard about her through my site, maybe she’ll cut me, you, or both a break on our next appointment ;) .  You can reach Shear Heaven Salon and Day Spa at:  (530) 244-1852.

I suppose I should make a quick disclosure.  Writing a review on a business is based on my personal experience and I do not receive favors or compensation from any of the businesses. Although, either are welcomed ;) .

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