Have You Met M&M From Moseley Family Cellars?

It took us several tries, but my husband and I finally got to meet “M&M”.  So who am I talking about? Marty and Mimi Moseley, the owners of Moseley Family Cellars.  They opened up a wine tasting room in the downtown Redding area last year. Referring to them as “M&M” was my easy way of remembering their names.

My husband and I had noticed Moseley Family Cellars wine tasting room several months back and being that we both enjoy discovering new wines we were looking forward to visiting on one of our date nights.  We’ve made several attempts to visit the wine tasting room, but we could never make it during the hours Moseley Family Cellars would be opened.  The hours were from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, since then I believe the hours have changed to 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm according to their website. We would either be in downtown Redding for lunch (what, no wine tasting during lunch?) or make our way over after dinner.

During one of our nights out, my husband and I headed over to Moseley Family Cellars, I think it was around 7:00pm.  We saw there were people in the tasting room so we figured this time we’re in luck!  My husband grabbed the handle to open the door, but it was locked!  So picture this, here we are standing at the front looking through the window with us gesturing the “open open open” with our hands.  Remember that commercial with the lady looking through the department store window?  Too funny :) !

Mimi was nice enough to open back up for us and we told her of our attempts to visit the wine tasting room.  Mimi had told us that they would also accommodate wine tastings by appointment, so now we know.  My husband and I both did a wine flight which included the Bronze selection.  Marty, the winemaker, was very passionate about his wines and we especially enjoyed how both, “M&M” explained and described their wines to us.  We ended the evening with good conversation with “M&M” and of course, purchasing a couple of their red wines, the Bronze Zin and the Everyday Cab.

Moseley Family Cellars is small winery in Redding, they select their grapes from different regions in order to make the best tasting wines.  ”M&M’s” passion for wines clearly shows in the quality of their wines.  If you haven’t visited their wine tasting room, go check them out.  You’ll enjoy their wines as well as the experience.

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