Peter Lopez Salon In Redding

Looking for a great Hair Stylist in the Redding Area?

If you haven’t yet heard about Peter Lopez Salon, let me tell you….Peter Lopez is absolutely fantastic! Peter Lopez Salon is located on the Westside of Redding, off Eureka Way, inside Bellissima Day Spa.

I’ve been in Redding since 1999 and I no longer have to go back to my hometown of Fairfield to get a hair cut. I would literally go for months without even getting a trim and then finally give in when I couldn’t stand my hair any more :( . For the record, I did try different hair stylists in Redding, but just never really found one I really wanted to come back to, and if I did find someone pretty good, they were no longer at the salon.

The search was over, I finally found Peter Lopez Salon last year by searching for reviews on hair stylists in the Redding Area. Peter Lopez had good reviews on Yelp so I decided to check him out. So what I had experienced from our first meeting: he was extremely up-to-date on styles, well knowledgable, very personable, and gave great ideas and suggestions on what should be done to my hair. I went ahead and let him cut and style my hair as he suggested and couldn’t have been more pleased. He even did an extra service at the same great price! He brought my hair back from the dead. You know that look when your hair seems like there’s no life to it, just blah and all you can do to your hair is put it up in a ponytail? That was me.

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I told my husband about Peter Lopez, as he too, couldn’t find anyone he could stick to either. Oh, I should let you know, my husband is much more particular about his hair than I am ;) . Whenever he would go get his hair cut, the problem was that no one he went to could do a nice job blending from long to short which made his hair stick up in the back, so it was hat day for him most of the time until his hair grew out. Needless to say, since my husband’s first visit to Peter Lopez Salon, he’s a happy customer and has been going to him since.

I made the mistake of taking my son to a place, like Quick Cuts, something like that, and for the price I paid for a haircut there, I would have spent the same at Peter Lopez’ Salon. Plus, my son wouldn’t have been so disappointed with his hair cut had I taken him to Peter. Oh well, next time. Now, my 5 year old daughter is due to get her haircut, her hair is about down to her waist and is becoming difficult to manage. I know where I’m taking her :) .

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