Sushi Restaurants in Redding – Yama Sushi Is One Of The Favorites!

Which one of the several Sushi Restaurants in Redding do you visit?

Yama Sushi Boat

There are several Sushi Restaurants in Redding, but there are a couple  I prefer over the others.  One of the Sushi Restaurants in Redding I enjoy visiting is Yama Sushi, located in the Raley’s Shopping Center off Hartnell Avenue.

What makes Yama Sushi different from other Sushi Restaurants in Redding is their unique niche.  Yama Sushi has these “floating boats” that go around the sushi bar with several sushi items and non-sushi items on a plate to choose from.  This unique style is less intimidating for customers not too familiar with ordering sushi.  The “floating boats” display several different variations and combinations of sushi as well as other Japanese foods items.  Note:  For those who don’t eat sushi, not all sushi is raw fish; there is crab, shrimp, smoked salmon, and other fish that are cooked.

There are pros and cons to Yama Sushi’s “floating boats of sushi”.  With the variety of sushi selection available, you can expand on your sushi knowledge, instead of ordering your typical California Roll and discover new favorites. But beware, one can get carried away in picking up plates of sushi, like me and my family, and it can really add up.  My 5 year old daughter is quite fascinated with the “floating boats” and some how manages to pick up more plates than I do.  Eating at Yama Sushi Redding

Yama Sushi charges per plate and there are three different style plates.  For example, each plate design is a certain price anywhere from $2.50 a plate to about $4.50.  So it can get quite  expensive if you have stacks of plates piled up.

Since I really don’t  know what Yama Sushi’s quality control is, which I’m sure all Sushi Restaurants in Redding must have some sort of quality control, here are some tips:  the best time to go Yama Sushi is during lunch and dinner hours.  When I go during those hours I know the food is prepared fresh or hot if it’s a non-sushi item.  If I end up going after lunch or dinner hours, I usually don’t pick any of the items that are supposed to be served hot, unless I see staff place it on the sushi boat.  Otherwise, I’ll just order the hot item from the server.  I’ve learned this over several attempts of picking up either egg rolls or chicken teriyaki only to find them no longer warm.  As far as the sushi boat going around the bar after lunch and dinner hours, I usually do the same thing and either wait until I see the sushi chefs place them on the boat or order it directly.

As one of my favorite Sushi Restaurants in Redding, Yama Sushi not only has this unique way of serving sushi on “floating boats”, they also have a huge menu selection. It’s literally a book!

I have always been a fan of sushi; in fact, it’s my second favorite type of food, Thai food being my first :) .  Only about a couple years ago, my husband finally gave sushi an honest try at one of the Sushi Restaurants in Redding.  Since then, sushi is one that meets the top of his list of food choices.  At Yama Sushi Restaurant, we enjoy the variety of sushi to choose from as well as some of their signature sushi rolls.  Try the volcano roll, mango roll, and honey prawns, yummmm!

Here’s a sneak peak of Yama Sushi’s “floating boats of sushi”:


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