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Selling Your Home In Redding

Selling Your Home In ReddingSelling Your Home In Redding Can Be Less Stressful

If you’re thinking of selling your home in Redding or have tried to sell a home in Redding, whatever your reason may be, current market conditions may prevent you from getting your home sold sooner than later, but there are ways to getting your home sold quicker.

Here are some helpful tips to selling your home in Redding and in the shortest period of time:

  1. Evaluate your situation, what is the reason you need to sell? Can selling your home in Redding wait until the real estate market improves? Are you relocating for a job, unfortunate divorce, downsizing or family size increased?
  2. Be realistic with price, sooooo important here.  Many home sellers believe their home is worth more than current market values.  A good starting point is to look on Zillow.com.  The value is not set in stone but it gives you an idea.
  3. Ask a real estate professional for a COMPLIMENTARY Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). Be sure that the CMA does not include foreclosures or short sales, unless that is all there is available.

Can Rental Properties Finally Cash Flow in California?

Advertise Your Vacation Rental

Can Rental Properties Cash Flow in Redding, California?

With real estate at an all time low there are many rental properties in California that are actually cash flowing.  Surprisingly, since just a few years ago it was almost unheard of.

A real estate investor would be fortunate to get enough rental income to cover all the expenses, which included principle, interest, taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs and in some areas, Homeowners Association fees or Mello Roos.